Sabtu , 23 September 2017
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Tips for agents and travellers
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Tips for agents and travellers

Travel insurance provider Travel Insured International has offered agents and travellers three tips it has learned from this past hurricane season.

The first is that, while booking a trip for a client, agents should explain that even though they may not live in, or be travelling to, a destination where a hurricane or winter storm is occurring, their travel plans may still be affected.

The second tip is that travellers whose homes are made uninhabitable due to a storm, forcing a trip to be cancelled, should gather documentation, including proof from their homeowners insurance verifying what damage has incurred, along with photos of the damage.

Thirdly, Travel Insured International advises that travellers who were unable to get to the airport for a scheduled departure, or whose trips were interrupted by a storm, can provide newspapers or online articles to document road closures.

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